in vivo ADME

in vivo ADME

Pre-clinical in vivo ADME studies are an important component of the drug development process which is designed to investigate the Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion (ADME) of your novel compounds.

METIS Labs provides quick study initiation, multiple animal species, and various administrations routes (I.P., P.O., S.C., I.V., etc) to optimize potential drug candidates rapidly. With years of experience, we can plan and perform in vivo ADME assays using radiolabeled materials that you provide or via our in-house custom radiosynthesis. Generally the isotopes we provide include 14C, 3H and 125I - others are available upon request.

An accurate description of your novel compounds in vivo ADME is vital to obtain appropriate information regarding drug behavior, utility and dosing regimen (amount and dose frequency).

A well planned and executed preclinical radiolabelled in vivo ADME study will provide you with a detailed assessment of the total fate (mass balance, route and rate of excretion, tissue distribution, metabolic pathways, and identity and quantity of metabolites) of your drug candidate to support your regulatory submissions.

Preclinical Radiolabelled Adme Studies

Mass Balance/Routes of Excretion

Placental/Milk Transfer

Quantitative Whole-Body Autoradiography (QWBA)

Microautoradiography (MARG)

Metabolite Profiling, Identification & Radioactivity Quantification

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